Arble Baking Co. | Duval's Finest Bakery

We Go Way Back

Everyone's home has a signature smell, and ours has always been cookies!

Our parents, Willis and Veronica Anderson worked hard in their careers and turned their passion for baking cookies into a vehicle to literally drive us to success by financially supporting our collegiate educational endeavors by leveraging the sale of their cookies.

Our baked goods are fresh, made-from-scratch and baked daily from recipes that have been nurtured with love and perfection for more than 40 years!


Book Our New Cookie Truck!

Indulge in our delectable array of cookies on wheels! Book our new cookie truck to bring the sweetest treat to your next event or gathering. Treat your guests to a delightful and unforgettable experience while satisfying their cookie cravings.

Don't Just Take Our Word, Check Out Theirs!

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